Snap Chat

When a major Saudi government body wanted to engage with fast-growing social media network Snapchat in Los Angeles they turned to AIM for help. With our extensive range of global contacts in some of the world’s biggest media companies, we were their obvious choice. Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social networks and has surpassed Twitter in its number of daily active users. It is now valued at around $20 billion but still has only around 900 employees globally. While they have attracted huge numbers of users in the Middle East, they have yet to open a commercial base here. And with their business focus almost exclusively on users at present, securing access with senior management is difficult. However, through our contacts, we were able to negotiate a meeting for the delegation at Snapchat’s headquarters in Venice Beach. The talks were hosted by the Director of Public Policy and included presentations on the organisation’s business model and global growth plans. Getting access to businesses like Snapchat is never easy. But by securing the meeting our client is now ideally placed to work with Snapchat when it does begin commercial operations in Saudi Arabia.

Islamic development Bank

Consulting and training

The institute offers international training programs for the benefit of all those interested in Islamic banking in banks and financial institutions in the world, and to expand the institute services in spreading the knowledge in Islamic banking, the bank initiated an agreement with the global organization (EDX) that is specialized in spreading the knowledge and training on the Internet in various sciences to the oldest educational and training institutions in the world, and because the Institute is one of the prestigious global training institutions, the organization has accepted the deployment of its training programs for the benefit of those interested in Islamic banking worldwide. Our company had the role in producing more than 60 training pictorial programs to the institute to be broadcasted on the Internet under the patronage of (EDX).


Redan Restaurants

Redan Restaurants were founded in 1995 and seized the spotlight with its successful history in the world of restaurants in Saudi Arabia and kept the pace of development and modernization thus became a trusted choice to the clients. In spite of the long journey that Redan Restaurants had been in, and the fact that they gained a sign of excellence locally and regionally, their career did not stop upon reaching this goal, they strived to make major leaps which allowed them to keep pace with five stars restaurants and stand alongside with them on top. To keep this level of success, our institute was in charge of launching a campaign in the celebration of twenty years of excellence to the opening of Redan restaurant, the goal of the campaign was to attract new customers and stimulate sales, it included the campaign design and choosing the field marketing and the e-marketing tools in the regions of Mecca, Jeddah and Riyadh. The campaign lasted a whole month and became famous on social media networks.


Event management – Saudi food festival

A Heritage Festival for local Saudi food that hosts Productive Families who are skilled in preparing food from different regions of Saudi Arabia, each family make the famous dishes in the region they represent in a live atmosphere, also the festival gives them the chance to display their art and skills in cooking to preserve the heritage and culture of Saudi food. The role of the company was designing the event’s identity and developing the strategic plan as well as conducting the marketing for the festival.

fakih group of companies

Fakih Group – Consulting and training

To keep the expansion and development of the group, they were keen on developing their regulations and procedures in human resources and administrative affairs management, and it was our company’s role to provide consulting and solutions in human resource departments at (AL Shallal, AL Sigala, AlTazaj and Abdul Rahman Faqih’s schools) and developing the procedures in the companies to comply with the new business laws and Nitakat Program.

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Consulting and training

The company provided several training courses during 2015 specialized in the field of media, communication, public relations and the use of social media in online networks. These courses were provided through the University of Dar al-Hikma. The clients who attended the training courses had different backgrounds and not limited to the media sector.

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