The best writing in the world can be derailed by bad grammar, misspellings, weak headlines or poor presentation. PA’s editing and production courses equip you with the skills you need to present content effectively and catch mistakes before they can be published in print or online. From the core principals of punctuation, spelling and grammar to proofreading tricks that will enable you to read thoroughly and accurately on the page and on screen, our courses will make you a better copy editor.

PA offers a range of editing and production courses to suit the needs of full-time editors, PR professionals and corporate communications teams. Courses are available for absolute beginners who want to understand how to approach different types of text; and experienced copy editors who want feedback on their work, advice on getting and keeping the reader’s attention, and on coaching junior subs.

Delegates will learn tried and tested techniques for print and new approaches to meet the increasing demands of editing for online – thinking in screens instead of pages, writing headlines for digital and how to deal with user generated content.


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